Top Blockchain University: National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore (NUS) provides a variety of blockchain and crypto-related courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as programs for continuing education. Course titles include Blockchain Engineering and AI, Blockchain and Quantum Computing.

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NUS students can start making use of their education straightaway by contributing articles on blockchain and crypto to the university blog BizTech. Students have submitted articles ranging from Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Investing Tips in Singapore to How Blockchain Can Improve Automotive Tracking Concepts.

The NUS Fintech Society boasts over 80 members and operates under the umbrella of the School of Computing, with particular focus on blockchain technology as well as machine learning. It says it aims to bridge the gap between students and external research partners, partly to enhance the career prospects of its members.

The society’s mentor is Professor Keith Carter, author of an Amazon top-100 bestselling book on big data.

Professor Carter is also co-director of the university’s Crystal Centre, which aims to be the world’s leading think tank for blockchain research and technology. It wants to ground debates in the crypto community more surely in science and to streamline communication between the scientifically educated and the layperson. Before the coronavirus pandemic struck Southeast Asia, the Center was holding regular workshops and collaboration talks about the latest advances in blockchain technology.

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Outside the university, the city-state of Singapore is opening increasingly to blockchain innovation. The Singapore Blockchain Ecosystem Report – funded by global consultancies including PwC and tech giants like IBM and published last year – found that many business leaders in the city considered it a global leader in blockchain adoption ahead of Hong Kong, Japan or the U.K.

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