Ancient Rome Play-to-Earn Game ‘vEmpire’ Launches

While the GameFi space has been pumped plump with institutional investment in recent months, the landscape of playable games in the ecosystem remains limited.

Most titles thus far have tried to emulate the format of Axie Infinity, where success is directly correlated to the hours spent played. Launched Thursday, vEmpire takes a different approach, modeling itself after the many strategy-based card games that have found their place in gaming communities for decades.

The game is a head-to-head battle between two players who can choose to be either Romulus or Remus, the sons of former emperors in the game (and a nod to the foundational myth of the city of Rome).

Players agree before the start of the game how much VEMP, which is the platform’s in-game digital currency, to wager in a winner-take-all format. Each player is then given a legion of 25 cards in their hand, each with different troops of varying abilities.

Both players take turns laying down a different card to earn points, and whoever earns the most points in two of the three rounds is declared the champion. Players can purchase NFTs of specific cards to use in-game to gain a competitive advantage.

vEmpire launched in July as a staking project for metaverse tokens such as MANA and SAND, with a pro-decentralization pitch of invading Decentraland. The buildout of the vEmpire world in The Sandbox serves as a gaming interface for VEMP holders.

Building an entire city has proven to be a significant task, but we are hopeful that with the addition of immersive locations, Rome will feel more alive than ever, Dom Ryder, founder of vEmpire, said in a press release. This is vEmpire’s greatest build yet, which will be based in ancient Rome plus have our sci-fi metaverse assets.

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